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Default RE: What are you like?

I think I am actually pretty calm, until I get into my truck to drive home.
I don’t get worked up before the shot, after the shot I do a little but still not to the point of shaking real bad or anything. Historically the things that have left me with the shakes the most are close encounters with no shot taken. I am happy and proud when I shoot a buck or doe, but I don’t holler or get too animated. Typically a big smile and some fast excited talking is about it.
Now the drive home after downing a nice buck when everything kind of settles in and the drag work is done, I’ll let loose with some hoots & hollers and maybe even a refrain of Travis Tritt’s “great day to be alive”.

If/when I am ever fortunate enough to kill an elk, especially if it turns out to be a decent bull… I cannot be held accountable for my reaction.
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