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Default Late Season MN 150 Gross

I 'm so pumped. The evening of the 17th I was blessed enough to one sit in a stand perched 20 ft up in -4 dergrees, then to have the opportunity to harvest a monster buck with my bow of all things.I was huntingSE MN. Around 4:16 pmdeer began to filter into the turnip field. I was too busy watching the does chase each other around. I stood up to get the blood moving and because I couldn't feel my toes anymore.I happened to glance behind meandI spotted two bucks heading rightat me. I had to grab my bow with a hand warmer becauseit was to cold to hold it without it. They turned onto a trail about 35 yards from me heading towards the field. I was set up 100 yds in the timber hoping to catch them before they made it to the field. Ok back to the story. I could see a small opening in the timber and drew back when the secondbuck walked into the opening I grunted and he stopped. I pressed the release and he did a 180 and ran about 50 yds and stood there for about 45 seconds. I thought I missed then I noticed his tail twitching vigorously. I knew this wasn't normal so I held out hope.

Now I'm trapped in my stand. The first buck is still standing there and I have about 15 does and fawns in the field so I couldn't get down. If I had, I justmessed that stand for good. I sat there re-playing the shot over and over in my head. I pulled my binos out and studied the snow for my arrow which I couldn't locate. Finally darkness arrived and I creeped outof my stand and went to the hotel where I barely slept.

The next morning I climbed back into my stand to locate the shooting lane. I got down and ran to it. I found BLOOD and hair. I think I remember yelling out loud. I followed his trail about 200 yds and there he lay. He was stiff as a board.

He grosseda whopping 150 inches by far the biggest buck I have ever had an opportunity to harvest.

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