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Default RE: Hell Razor / G5 Montec guys.....Questions

ORIGINAL: buckmaster

Jeff, I doubt you remember, but last year, I was at your house and I showed you a G5 Striker, and how amazingly sharp it was. I love them, I did crack a blade on Doe # 3 but also blew right through both of her shoulders with a 350grn arrow. They fly perfect out of the box.... I don't plan on changing anytime soon. If you wanna try one before the year is over... Let me know, I wont be using more than 1 the rest of the year. I don't think you would be disapointed.

I second the G5 Striker. Incredibly sharp and durable. I've shot two does and a tree[8D]with the same head with no damage. Of course I did sharpen it after each harvest, obviously, for ethical purposes.
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