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Default RE: Hell Razor / G5 Montec guys.....Questions

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Once you go Slick; they are the trick[8D]
That should be their advertising logo
I second that!

Here's my take... I believe that Montecs and ST's fly equally well. I believe that any quality BH placed right will do the job. However, I don't believe you could resharpen a one piece head and ever make it as sharp as replaceable razors from the factory. And you don't have to buy a sharpening stone and sit there and spend however long it takes to sharpen all 6 sides of a montec multiplied by however many arrows in your quiver you mightuse in a year.Top it off, I do believe the ST's are cheaper iirc.

I have shot montecs and did not like them for the reasons stated. Oh, almost forgot... imaginethe 1 1/8 three blade hole of a montec-vs- the 1 1/8 four blade hole of a ST. There's a good 40% more hole with the ST.
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