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Default RE: Buy my next stand...

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Well I did buya climber this year instead of getting a few more hang ons. I had a pretty bad night with it on my way down that scared the crap out of me and I have now taken it back, and don't plan on getting a new one any time soon.

While it was very convenient, I did not feel like it was worth it.
I agree 100%. I don't feel comfortable with them either..mine is collecting dust. The ONLY time I use it, is when I have camera man duties for someone else who hunts from one.

I know it is slightly over, but WVHunter pointed me in the right direction, I am going to try a millenium m100 hangon. Supposedly the most comfortable bar none, weighs about 15 lbs (not light, but not heavy), and costs about 180-190 on sportsmansguide. What I plan to do is buy extra sets of sticks (20 ft sticks on SG for $35), and set these out with a receiver for the millenium stand (chain on, just slide peg of stand into and your ready to hunt).....So, I wont have a stand in the woods to be stolen, after the initial stand purchase, each additional stand sight setup only costs like 20 bucks for the receiver instead of 40+ for another hang on. Once the receiver is set, hanging the stand takes seconds, with no effort at all. Just climb up with it on your back, once there take it off back, slide into receiver, climb in and hunt. I will have probably 300 or so in it, but this will give me 5-7 it is on par with the cheapest stands you can find..except this one is comfortable.

Ask WV about em or google them if interested...I can't wait to try it.
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