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Default Buy my next stand...

Or at least help me pick it out. I currently hunt with 4-5 hang-ons throughout the year. I have 4 climbing sticks with these of different brands (whatever is on sale), and a ladder that has been painted to not shine or stick out.

Anyways I have already purchased a Gorilla King Kong, and a Big Game Boss stand and then 2 Remington Climbing sticks in the last few weeks. The stands both seems like they are great. I am going to get one more setup for next year still.

Right now Bass Pro has $20 off a purchase of $100 or more. I have been looking at getting the Remington Stand/Climbing Stick Combo for $99.89.

Also looked at the Gorilla Kong and the Gorrila Silverback Scout. I have a Silverback already and LOVE it, and I'm sure that the Kong is of the same great quality as my other 3 Gorillas.

My budget for this setup is going to be around $100. The only plus I like about the Remington is that I get the stick with it. However, I really like Gorilla stands, and I can usually find a climbing stick on sale somewhere for around 30 bucks.

Thanks for the help guys and help me spend some of my hard earned money...
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