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Default First Yote down.. awesome Deer morning as well

WellI finally downed my first Yote this morning. after years of not shooting at them, and grazing one last year I got a beautiful female down this morning. I had found this spot last shed season but it is WAYback. I had not hunted it yet because i was in deer in my other spots anyway. since its late season and my other spots have tapered off i decided to give the spot a look last Wed. It was littered with fresh rubs and a couple of scrapes. So i hung a stand in a pine tree and waited for the season to come back in this morning. The walk without the quad is 20 minutesto get to the set.[&o] I left the quad at the gate and made the long walk not taking any chances of spooking deer.I have a found a flat funnel that is between the strip mine hills and the deer are using it a bunch. I had no idea what time they traveled it so i didnt know what to expect out of the new spot. It was bitter cold this morning and a blustery wind but in my favor. LucklyI was in a thick pine grove and it cut most of it. The snow started falling right after daylight, and after collecting on the ground i was able to see even farther, and believe me my Distance of sight is minimal in there. I also noticed more fresh rubs. at 7:30 Ihere a deer behind me, i get ready and out steps a spike and walks by. looking good i thought. At 9:15 i see a body where the spike had headed and it ended up being a small 1.5- 6 point, he kept looking behind him so i got ready. I started seeing a bigger body then antlers came into view. It was a nice buck, an 8 point around 105"-110" but looked to be a 2.5, and his brows were only 2" long, very unusual for the area as we usually have long brows. I watched as he passed at 15 yards and as he neared 30 yards behind me, he started acting nervous, and almost came back, then exited stage left in the pine thicket [&:]My initial thought was big buck near Nothing for the next minute, then an aweful comotion as three Does came flying by me from where the buck had been headed. My next thought was he must have been dogging them, Then i here steps comming toward me, get ready and now see a beautiful Yote headed under me, i draw and let it fly at 18 yards. It growled at its shoulder and took off over a hill then back in sight, then it just fell over Dead, all in about 5 seconds The Rage did its job and i could see Red pumping out when it ran. I hear steps again, and another Yote walks by but i did not have a second arrow loaded yet [:@]Ten minutes later i have a confused Doe from the comotion behind me at 20 yards. That was all the action and i think i have found a new hot spot The arrow entered mid trunk and exited smack in the off side shoulder breaking it as she ran [:@]A Good morning, and im pumped about it

One of the reasons im hunting there Giant rub, scrape combo.

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