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ORIGINAL: MichiganWhitetails74

I didn't read the other posts so I'm saying this based on my own thoughts. Man..I would have to say you may have been far back? Did you shoot this buck off hand with no rest? I hope he lives..but if you were far back he could die. Have you continued to walk the area and follow all those deer runs? I would keep at him for your own sake of mind..even if you just find the antlers...

If you keep looking..and can go into the next year feeling like..hey...maybe he did make it...He just may make it. Sorry and good luck with this great story.
Thanks buddy. I was in a Gorilla Hang On with two arm rails. I'm a right handed shooter and I had to turn almost as far right as a I could. Even still, I felt good about my rest and felt steady enough to take the shot. If I hadn't, I would not have taken the shot.

We called the neighboring property owners and they said if they found him then they would let me know. We've also been paying attention to crows and buzzards and no signs there either. If he's dead, someone will eventually find him and I'll eventually find out. After doing some reading

I'm almost positive I hit him in the brisket, question now is, does this kill him? Thanks for your support Mich. He's a buck of a lifetime.
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