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Default Wow I must have turn cold blooded. I about froze to death

For the first time ever I had to depart from my stand due to being too cold on the Tennessee opener. It was about 13 degrees on top of the mountain I hunt and I was on the east slope. my usual set up includes underarmor cold gear base layer, thermal bottoms, heavy jeans, then some big bulky bibs and fleece jacket and extra heavy coat. That's not including my heavy orange vest and hunter safety systems vest. I have always sat right through it and never been abit cold, usually I leave some stuff unzipped to breath be it raining, snowing, etc. I sat about an hour then couldn't feel my toes through my 800gram Irish Setters with liner and heavy wool socks so I stuck a hothands pack in the toe of each boot and sat about another 2 hours till I had to climb down and head to the truck I was shivering so bad. Moved stands toa much lower elevation where I've taken 3 deer during archery this season and was fine till about 3 when it got really overcast and chilled and had to leave about an hour after that. This ever happened to you all of a sudden like? I'm in good health and if anything probably 15-20 lbs heavier than last season but I just can't take this cold.
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