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We're entering the trolling period now, this is when most experts willtell you that you have got the best chance of scoringon amonster buck. The young kid fromSE OHthis morning who scored on the beautiful160" ten sounded like he found a trolling buck by the way it reacted to him.It's the time of year whensome nocturnalhogs will only show themselves as they are still way into the rut and they want to get the last of the 1st rut does. Travel corridors, funnels are good spots as trolling bucks tend to cover lots of ground.When a buck istrolling, I'veseen them walk downwind of wood lots on the open sidejust smelling the air, they know if there is a receptive doe they'll smell her just by walking the ondown wind side of the ground they are covering. Workingtransition changes of cover and working the downwind sideof parallel tracks of groundare alsogood places to be. You won't see as many buck this time of year but when you do, he's often a real dandy.
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