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Default RE: Scariest moment in a stand TONIGHT

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i have several summits, from new to old and i must say i HATE the new cable stop system; i think the "hinged flaps" work ALOT better.
Yeah....Well, I have the old style and one time when I was climbing out of a particularly gnarly tree that required a lot ofplatform movement to work my way down, one of those "hinged flaps" must have caught on something and became unhinged. Next thing I know, I'm trying to get the platform to seat against the tree, but it just won't do it. Strange I think, until I realize that my climber cable is now only attached on one side and I'm basically hanging in the air by the hand climber. I ended up dropping the platform to the ground, then jumping clear of my hand climber to the ground below since I had no other choice. Scary moment.

Stuff happens out there. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon and immediately start in with the operator error stuff.
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