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Default RE: Scariest moment in a stand TONIGHT

Well While we are talking about it...

To night I was moving my stand to another stand tree, and my bottom was about 5 foot off the ground when I totally lost and and it went down the rest of the way with out me So there I am 8feet up still just sitting on the bark trying to grip the tree with my knees and lumber jack down... that didnt work out so well so I took off my camo utlity belt, like a white trash batman, and set it on the seat and let myself down threw the hole and jumped to the ground... So i got the stand appart and got moved...

anothter wonderful time in a treestand I had was about 3 weeks ago when we had 25mph winds... and your only moving about 3 inches each way but it feels like the whole is going over.

lastly on a but of a creepy note....
about 4 weeks ago I was up in the tree and there was little to no wind and I heard all hell break loose under me in the leaves and this stick was moving by itself... I have never made the sign of the cross and said the prayer of Saint Michael so fast in my life, well actually I have before but never in the woods....

every now and then i get paranoid in the woods... but then again you might two if you have ever read Algernon blackwood's wendigo...
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