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Default Poachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What drives a person to poach????
This is a long story, I went up to my cabin this week to hunt, on Wednesday around noon a buddy of mine called me to tell me he was seeing a monster in a neighbors pasture with a Doe, He would chase her about 100 yards and she would bed and then he would, this had been going on all morning, so he goes and asked permission and got it.
Then he calls me back around 6:00pm and told me the story, He went out to hunt at around 2:00pm and was talking to the farmer when they heard a shot from the pasture, it borders the road, they went up and seen 2 guys dragging the big buck up the hill towards the road and a white truck sitting on the road, they called the sheriff and the Conservation officer on duty, then they jumped in a truck and drove up to the truck and got the license number before it took off and tried to run them off the road, they jumped out and the 2 guys dragging the deer where running across the pasture as hard as they could. The deer was a 10-pointer and rough scored 185"..
The CPO said he would run them down, come to find out these guys, 3 of them are pipeliners working in this area, they were driving a company truck, these guys make between $60,000 and $100,000.00 a year, he said they would loose there jobs, they confiscated the truck, wrote them lots of tickets and found several Large racks in there camper they were staying in which also got confiscated..
My Question Is WHY?????? Why would someone risk a Great job, Jail time, having your hunting rights taken away.....

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