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Default RE: Lets have a nice camo discussion!

I too think camo is more for the hunters than the prey. Yes, I believe it helps...but I know plenty of folks that have killed piles of deer in carharts, blaze orange, red/black plaid, you name it. We (as hunters) are obsessed with the newest, latest, greatest all areas, not just camo. I have all types of camo from over the years....I don't really care what I wear, I throw on what is clean that will fit the weather for that day. I have probably 8 different patterns, and rarely wear one that matches top & bottome.

The other day I had my navy blue sweatshirt - and brought my jacket to put on once it got cold. It never gotcold enough for the I had on my navy camo I guess. The deer didn't see me....maybe I can start a fad

Ask GregH what type camo he wears.....I got some of that too! I guarantee he ain't out buying the latest greatest [8D]
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