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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

Here's what I do when confronted with an anti-hunting bozo. I ask them if they drive a vehicle, of course they say yes. Then I ask them if their insurance rates have been goin up over the last few years even if they haven't had an accident, and they say yes. Then I tell em that one of the most common insurance claims is because of accidents on the roads caused by deer. And that the more accidents there are, the more the insurance companies have to raise their rates to compensate for the claims. Of course, you have to then let them know that the deer population is always increasing and without hunters it would be impossible to control. And if you can't control the population then they will over run themselves and start dying off, which has to be much more tragic then being shot and not suffering for an extended period of time. Sometimes I'll go into lime disease if the first thing doesn't get em and that works as well. You shouldn't feel like you have to defend yourself though when you know that you are doing the right thing. How you feel about yourself is way more important than what somebody without the facts thinks about you.
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