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Default SC 8pt down

Shot this 8pt in SC recently. He's not very wide, but has the tall basket look.What I really liked about him is his main beams are almost touching (1 inch shy). They are definetly fighting and starting to chase. You can see in the firstphoto his left ear is split down the middle from fighting. The second is the best photo of the rack. The third shows how swollen his neck was. He's got lots of character - I thought he'd look good on the wall.

Somthing else I found interesting was the buck was shot from exactly 110 yards with a .300 WSM (using federal 180 gr Accubonds). He was quartering away hard and the bullet entered the deer behind the left shoulder traveling up the neck to the head and never existed. Needless to say, it dropped on the spot, but I had never seen a deer shot with a .300 WSM and not get an exit wound.

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