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Default RE: Every One Plesae Vote On This!

Well< I too am f$%ked!! I returned last night from an Adirondack trip. Shot a 121" { unofficial } 8pt, 177lb dressed-4 days after taking it- Took numerous pictures. We butchered the deer this morning. I made sure my brother, before the work started, was able to get a picture of me, the buck/rack, and tag all in the frame.

I just now was re-reading the rules and came across the " gun " clause. I went back to the pictures we took on the hunt, and several have my weapon in the frame, but in NY, buck does not need to be tagged until transport. One picture taken today clearly shows " weapon used box " marked

If the reason for including the weapon is to negate some filthy bast#$d from entering bow kill under gun, and vice-versa, then doesn't a clearly marked " weapon used box " accomplish the same thing? Also, I am not entered in the bow category.

I agree, rules are rules, and I'm sure no one on this forum has ever violated one. Does common sense count?
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