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Um...getting back to the kids poll....

I believe the kids will 'vote' for whomever the teacher has put in the most positive light.
I don't know any teachers who are not liberal, and those views (if not voting preferences)
are passed down to the kids. In some cases, the kids with opposing viewpoints (like the kid who
was educated in the differences between the candidates and was then able to make an intelligent and informed choice to NOT vote for that pig Franken) are penalized by teachers who, like true liberals, feel
they must force their ideology on innocent minds. "Chairman Mao" had it right when he began
the state-sanctioned schooling of all young Chinese...young minds are easy to mold. In 1 generation
he had a loyal population which was on board with the communist ideals. I believe this is what we're
looking at here, if we're not careful. Witness the overwhelming support of "The Chosen One" by youthful
first-time's the educational system in action, folks.
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