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ORIGINAL: bergall

Thanks my fellow Americans. Welcome to the Socialist States of Amerika (as I will refer to it until this abomination and national embarassment goes full cycle, however long it takes). We have become a nation of hobo's looking for a cheap government handout. I mourn the death of my country and eagerly await ragnarok.
I will simply join the ranks of hobos, save my money, and when the teat has run dry, I will just move. At my taxable income level, I should make out pretty well. To all those paying my way, I say "Thanks."

AS much as I would like to move to Mexico, I cannot do it as soon as I would like. I have responsibilities to my aging parents and in-laws, so my exit will be delayed until I am no longer needed here. From the looks of things, that won't even be a full first-term for Herr Obama.

bergall. if you need a good coyote, look no further. First tequila shot over the border is on me.
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