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ORIGINAL: bergall

being somewhat of an anarchist, I embrace the will of the people. There is a clear direction this country has been told to take by the parasites and the ignorant. I will revel in the following:
a: the confiscation of guns
b: the regulation of 1st amendment rights (which I was so roundly criticised for)
c: the removal of thousands of tax dollars from those making 300 thousand thou......oops....150 large.....excuse me 100k ....nope not yet.....95k.....
d: after bailing out the banking industry to the tune of three quarters of a trillion dollars, we can look
forward to 1 trillion in new 'social programs' spending
e: the elimination of the coal industry in the USA (who says we have 200 years of fuel in US domestic
coal reserves ?)
f: increased taxes on capital gains
g: the permanency of the death and marriage taxes
h: the imposition of the 'fairness doctrine'
i: the issuance of rebate checks to scumbags who do not work for them
j: the re-dismantling of the military on the order of 25%
k: the dishonorable retreat from the battle on terror, and the invalidation of the sacrifices made by the
armed forces of this country.
l: the stacking of the judiciary on all levels with revisionist judges who will legislate from the bench.

Thanks my fellow Americans. Welcome to the Socialist States of Amerika (as I will refer to it until this abomination and national embarassment goes full cycle, however long it takes). We have become a nation of hobo's looking for a cheap government handout. I mourn the death of my country and eagerly await ragnarok.

That was well said,damn well said indeed.
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