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being somewhat of an anarchist, I embrace the will of the people. There is a clear direction this country has been told to take by the parasites and the ignorant. I will revel in the following:
a: the confiscation of guns
b: the regulation of 1st amendment rights (which I was so roundly criticised for)
c: the removal of thousands of tax dollars from those making 300 thousand thou......oops....150 large.....excuse me 100k ....nope not yet.....95k.....
d: after bailing out the banking industry to the tune of three quarters of a trillion dollars, we can look
forward to 1 trillion in new 'social programs' spending
e: the elimination of the coal industry in the USA (who says we have 200 years of fuel in US domestic
coal reserves ?)
f: increased taxes on capital gains
g: the permanency of the death and marriage taxes
h: the imposition of the 'fairness doctrine'
i: the issuance of rebate checks to scumbags who do not work for them
j: the re-dismantling of the military on the order of 25%
k: the dishonorable retreat from the battle on terror, and the invalidation of the sacrifices made by the
armed forces of this country.
l: the stacking of the judiciary on all levels with revisionist judges who will legislate from the bench.

Thanks my fellow Americans. Welcome to the Socialist States of Amerika (as I will refer to it until this abomination and national embarassment goes full cycle, however long it takes). We have become a nation of hobo's looking for a cheap government handout. I mourn the death of my country and eagerly await ragnarok.
The only good thing about it is....the dems have full control of it all now. They cant blame anyone when the country goes into a downward tailspin into the crapper. I just hope we can dig our way out in 4 years.
Oh I don't know about it. Between the socialists and the media:
a: they took a racist and made him a 'healer'
b: they took a gun-banner and never mentioned his propensity to use the bill of rights as a doormat
c: they took a subversive and painted him as a mainstream Amerikan
d: they took a neighborhood organizer and made him president.

Unless Congress is 100% democrat, there's nothing to stop the blame of every failure, rout and
nation-destroying initiative from being placed on the heads of the remaining congressional republicans. Cripes, the democrats have had majorities in BOTH houses of Kongress for 2 years now...even ran oversight for 2 failed government mortgage giants and STILL were able to blame the republicans for the
economy. Their troglodyte electorate are idiots and deserve the coming chaos.
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