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Default RE: My 7 year old's first deer- we can't find it???

ORIGINAL: Jasonlester

True but a large caliber gives a bigger margin for error. The shock of a larger bullet does more damage and could have made the difference in taking it down on the spot or getting it to bleed out faster.

As for the boy. Keep him at it. Show him that you need to do everything you can to recover the animal (I think your doing this) and then get him back out there when he's ready.
Thats a debate that will go on forever, but in 25 years of doing this I have seen large calibers wound more deer than smaller calibers. Why ? probably because hunters who use small calibers know what theyre doing. You cant make a bad shot and blame the caliber, no one knows for sure what a larger caliber might have done. The 22-250 leaves some nasty damage as well.
and shock doesnt come from larger bullets it come from velocity. Shoot a jack rabbit with a 30-06 and shoot one with a 22-250. the 22 will disentegrate the rabbit and the 30 will put a hole in it, thats shock in my opinion.
a 22-250 expanded diameter is about .42, a 30-06 is about .6 thats 2 tenths of an inch bigger hole, not a lot of difference. Not like when talking broadheads, theyre can be 3/4 inch difference in broadheads cutting diameters.
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