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Default RE: My 7 year old's first deer- we can't find it???

ORIGINAL: zrexpilot

It's not the calibers fault, if the shot was a little back you get the lungs but not the major arteries of the lungs, you just clipped them.
I hit an 8 pointer with a bow the same way and it did the same exact thing, I gave him an hour and still I pused him. A bad shot is a bad shot.
If you hit dead center of the vitals they expire quickly.
True but a large caliber gives a bigger margin for error. The shock of a larger bullet does more damage and could have made the difference in taking it down on the spot or getting it to bleed out faster.

As for the boy. Keep him at it. Show him that you need to do everything you can to recover the animal (I think your doing this) and then get him back out there when he's ready.
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