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Default Any factory Bowtech gurus in here? I really need some help...

First off I need some help locating some parts....the rubber "o-rings" that surround and cushion the limbs in the limb pockets are torn and are getting smashed when I crank the bolts down. I can see how this would change my cam lean and might be the root cause my problem. I also need a new string and cable so I can start fresh there. I have a problem there too though...the lengths that were on the tag on the lower limb are worn off as well as the serial number. The bow is a 2000-2001(?) T-29 60-70 lb draw weight, and I didn't even know that I could register the bowwith theBowtech until it wasWAY too late (thank you pro-shop). Anybody that can give me any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.
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