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ORIGINAL: cascadedad

I appologize if you have already answered this question. I tried to look around, butmy computer is moving like a snail this morning.

Your statement is similar to what I hear from Obama, but I just don't get it. Please, just forget all the politics for a moment and explain why you do not "support the act of abortion".
I do not feel that the act of abortion is ethically correct in about 99% of cases. Like has been said I believe life begins at conception and it is not right to take the life away from a child. That being said, I understand that there are many other folks out there who feel differently, and, as I can not feel for them I do not feel it is my place or anyone elses (i.e the governments) place to make this decision for them.

So, would I support the act myself? No. But I do not put enough confidence in myself or the government to make this decision for others.
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