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Default RE: Elite 4200 or Zeiss Conquest ?

Thanks for the replies.

Primariloy because I am essentially a lazy old far!, and both set ups are dead on at 100 yards for what I am loading, I am going to leave both rifle/scope combos alone for this season.

I will say that my totally unscientific side-by-side testing of these two scopes, which consisted of peering into the woods behind my house as the sun set, revealed that there is precious little difference in "low light" performance between the two. Both took me to about as late as I expect to hunt.The images were definitely crisper and clearer edge to edge in the Conquest, but this Elite 4200 was pretty impressive for the$$$ I have seen it listed in various pubs and web sites. It does say in the brochure that the guy gave me that it has a special "rain shedding"surface ... whatever that is worth. I'm skeptical of this claim, but I'll suspect that I'll have an opportunity to test this out later this year as much as it can rain here in SE Alabama during gun season.

If it'll hold up, I'll be inclined to recommend it as a real value.It does have an interesting "plex". It is a heavy plex, which I like,having two distinct widths .... which I have never seen. Sort of like a double ranging plex ???

For info ... Both scopes are 3-9X50 mm. I alreadyhad the Conquest on my CVA ML and sighted in, and the Elite was on the Savage 10 ML I bought. The Elite is one loooooong bugger though. Wonder why ?
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