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whoaa, I just found this thread again after a couple of days. i apologize for those who i offended, however, I will not apologize for knowing what many of you seem to fail to grasp: the actual meaning of pro-choice. I myself do not support the act of abortion and I'd like to hope that I'm never involved in such a situation, however, I do not believe it is the governments job to make this decision for women which makes me pro-choice. So for those of you saying "will you hold the cells" blah,blah, blah that is just irreleveant because I do not support the act itsself.

and, whoever said this isn't a ethics case or what not, thats exactly what you all made it when you said "would you hold the cells" or "its a baby being killed." No, that's not what I'm talking about, i'm talking about the political definition of pro-choice. some of you still can't seem to get that
He just rides the fence with this "pro-choice" crap like he does with everything else. Obama flip flops more than a fish out of water[:@].
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