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ORIGINAL: mudhead1s wife

I was looking through the school work that my daughter brought home today and one was a Weekly News Reader. It was on elections and had a picture of Obama and one of McCain. It said John McCain wants to be president. He is a Republican senator from Arizona. He has worked to help people in his state.
Bootom of page gives info on the white house.
Barack Obama wants to be president. He is a Democratic senator from Illinois. He has worked to help people in his state.
Bottom right hand corner: Teachers: Every student gets to vote in the weekly reader Presidential Election Poll. Look at page 3 of your Election Kit, or go to to see how to participate.

It says that over 125,000 young students and teens voted and Barack Obama won, it then goes on to say that the poll has been right 13 out of the last 14 presidents.

I plan on calling Ariel's teacher tomorrow and asking what kind of facts are presented to the kids, is it from script? Or do the teachers use their own descretion?

This prompted a discussion with my 8 year old, and I asked him, would you vote for Michele Bachman or Al Franken, he said Al Franken cause I heard a lot about him, he has a ad where he is teaching. So I said do you know what he stands for? He said no. So I explained the differences to him, and then Isaac said Oh I wouldn't vote for Al Franken then mom because he thinks it's okay to hurt babies and I used to be a baby. Here is how I explained abortion. I told him that when a woman has a baby in her belly she doesn't always want to keep that baby because she isn't ready for a baby. He then asks than why did she get a baby in her belly? My reply was that she made a mistake, was misinformed, she wasn't thinking about her consequences. "OH" So then I said that sometimes women who are pregnant decide to get what is called an abortion. An abortion is when the doctor performs a medical procedure that makes the baby die. He then said so they kill the baby? Why don't they give the baby to someone who is ready and will love it? And I'll stop there.

He then asked about the president? I said the president does not believe in abortion. He then asked about the canidates. He said I am definately voting John McCain. I then had to remind him that he couldn't vote. He's still unhappy about not voting.
Did you explain to him that "son, Barack Obama (unless you've spoken with him personally) may not support abortion and that he only believes that it is not the government's job to make the decision women"?? Did you watch the 3rd debate? It was Barack Obama who said that I agree with the banon partial birth abortion except when medicallynecessary.It's called a ceasarean birth, and the doctors do what they can to save the baby. It is candy coated and it's bull. I believe Obama also voted that underage girls should be able to get abortions without parental consent or notification. And what happens when this teenage girl doesn't stop bleeding and is afraid to go to her parents in fear that they will find out? And you think abortion is a good thing? Did you explain to him that, "son, John McCain is putting more faith in the federal government than he does in the women of America including your own mother" ?? John McCain is no dummy, he knows abortion will not go away all together, and I don't see him getting it over turned if he gets into office. I've accepted that. But here is the thing that you DO NOT GET, nor will you probably ever. Abortion is a lie, it is a pipedream. Women are being told that this is an easy way to fix the problem. They are uneducated about it. Abortion messes up women and they live in regret of what they did.
When a woman has a miscarriage, she has to go to the doctor or hospital and have a DNC. This is where they do the same thing they would in an abortion. They stick a metal rod into the uterus and scrape out the remaining parts of the baby. It is no walk in the park. You have risk of infection, risk of uncontrollable bleeding. This procedure is just as dangerous as a cesearean birth. In a cesearean, the mom is given an epideral and it numbs them from the chest down, the anestheologist stays in the OR right next to you the whole time and moniters your heart rate, your oxygen ect. The doctor than will make an incision usually 13 to 15 cm long just above the pubic bone and the mom feels the pressure of the doctor delivering the baby.A team of docs and nurses are waiting for the baby, and the OB will thenplace the sutures.It has the same recovery as natural birth.
In the case of a partial birth abortion the doctors will enducelabor with a medication called patossin (not sure of correct spelling) This medication can have serioussideeffects ecspecially if the woman has had a cesearean before. It can cause the membranes to rupture with ahigh risk of death if that happens. The doctor then uses a device to suck the brain out of the babieshead. The baby is then discarded, thrown away like a piece of trash. There is nothing glamorous about this procedure.

You have never and will never go through a procedurelike that and will never understand what these proceduresdo to women for that reason. Emotionally women walk away messed up all the time.

It should not be legal for a minor to recieve an abortion without parental consent.My daughter cannot walk into a store and buy cigarettes until she is 18. She cannot buy lighters or lighter fluid until she is 18. She cannot buy nail polish remover with acetone in it until she turns 18. She cannot buy alcohol until she is 21, yet many on the democratic ticket want my daughter at 16 to be able to legally make a decision without her parents on a matter of life and death. You call that "putting more faith in Gov." I call that looking out for the teenage girl.

And what about fathers rights? HUH Do you not care that you as a man are not guaranteed rights until the baby is born and the courts acknowledge your rights? What about the man who want that child that HE HELPED CREATE. What about thatman, half of the babies DNA is his. But the gov. says he has no right. Maybe you are okay with having that right stripped from you. Maybe you are okay that if you have a boy someday that his right was stripped away, but I am not.
My brother should have another child. But he doesn't because his girlfriend said she refused to keep the baby. She refused to let him care for HIS child by HIMSELF after the baby was born. He still wonders if he would have had a boy or a girl. He still wonders what his child wouldlook like. He still wonders what day would be his childs birthday. What they would have liked. But he doesn't get to know because she tookthat from him. And the thing of it is most women whom I have talked tothat have had an abortion ask themselves the same questions that my brother does. The same questions that a mom who would have kept her baby but had a miscarriage does, and you tell me that women are being properly educated on what abortion is, and that it is right for a teenage girl to make this decision with out her parents who are legally responsible for her.
Well spoken!!!
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