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Default RE: Plot Against Obama

Read an interesting article this morning, outlining Osama's plans to consolidate democrat power by
offering amnesty to the 20million or so illegal aliens in this country. The vote is so close currently
(what with only citizens and non-felons allowed to vote) that the addition of 20million parasites will
tip the scales in favor of the enemy for a generation or more. Republicans could not even carry
Texas in this scenario.... Couple that with the marxist playbook on rigging elections (invalidate the
voting process so people lose faith in like osama supporters are doing in Ohio, Nevada, and a
host of other states, they are committing voter fraud, posing as 'vote collectors' and registering
ballots for democrats and discarding votes for republicans...) Something needs to be
done about the conduct of this candidate's supporters because regardless of how closely affiliated
he may be with them (or not), this can be seen as a crooked election, conducted by his 'agents',
and abetted by the socialist media. Then idiots with scoped battle rifles (morons) will be lining up for their place in history, and they will have just cause as they will be defending the process by which our
leaders are selected...
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