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Default RE: Plot Against Obama

ORIGINAL: boysda

ORIGINAL: bergall

That will be a sad day for this country
thank you for that.

(but don't go gettin' all mushy on us)

No, no mush from me. But in all seriousness, while I detest this candidate, and deplore the practices which have gotten him undeservedly this far, I'd not see him know.
Not that I care one whit about him personally, but rather, what such an event symbolizes and where it
shows we are as a people. He's enough of an embarassment, and will serve to be a national symbol for
populist parasitism. We must not override or subvert "the will of the people" if he is truly elected. The question of late, is whether or not he will be elected, or is this election rigged and the results are due to widespread and massive voter fraud and propagandizing of major media outlets ? But I digress...

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