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Now there is a real pig in lipstick and to be honest Palin pulls off the lipstick and the gun much better. Maybe it's because I am a female but it also looks like he gets his eyebrows done, and behind those glassess it looks as if he may have sprung for the eyeliner and the mascara also.

Had a salesman stop by today and I love to pester so I asked who he was going to vote for and he said I am not going to tell you because you'll get mad. So I said so your voting for Obama and he said yes. He thinks if Obama gets in that he will make it four years tops, and then politicians will wake up and smell the coffee and start getting things done[8D][8D]Silly guy.
But then he went on to say that someone would probably assassinate him anyway. I just think it's sick, that is no way to solve the problem. I will vote McCain because I feel he most closely aligns with my morals, and feel he will help keep our nation from becoming socialist, and then trust that God's will is going to be done. Wether that be McCainor Obama.
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