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Default First buck ever. Taken in Long Island Team 49

Ok so heres the story. Before I start i just want to say that this hunt was really special for me. I met up with a member from this site for the first time. Great guy and he is certain to become alife longfriend. I am glad I was able to share the moment with him. I also had my dad with me who only comes hunting 2 or3 times a year. he taught me everything i Know. It was amazing. So here goes.
Got to my usual spot a little latebut somebody was already there. Now a few days prior I did a little scouting in another areaand found some fresh scrapes. I set my dad up where the scrapes were because he seldom comes out and i would love to see him bag a deer. Then i try making it deeper in the woods but it was so thick i could hardly walk. I was getting smacked in the face and beat up real good. Anyway I make it into an area that was a little clearer and realize i went in a half circle and was only 100 yards off the road. DAMN!!! I could actually see my truck. By this time its already light so i figure i will do a quick scout and just sit there.I chalked it up as a wasted hunt and just prayed my dad would get something. I walk 15 yards in a circleand find a fresh scrape so I decide to hang a scent bomb and set up on the ground about 15 yards away. I was between a group of three trees so i had some decent coverage to draw. Anyway I sit there for two hours and do not see a thing. Squirrels were going crazy and everytime I thought I heard a deer it turned out to bea squirrel. I decided to do some light rattling and grunting. Ok so know its about 9:15 and i am figuring on leaving in 15 minutes. I text message my buddy to see how hes doing. As I am texting I here a rustling from my right and through the trees i see a patch of greyish red.I knew it was a deer. I drop the phone and stand up and draw. It all happened lightning fast. Anyway heree is this deer trotting about 15 yards fromright to left of me. Im thinking he is gonna run right by me. Suddenly he stops dead on the scrape and lifts his nose to the scent bomb. I knew he was not big but i saw antler and have never shot a buck so I make the decison to take him. He was 15 yards totally broadside and i set my 10 yard pin behind his shoulder and let it fly.I heard that infamous crack and knew he was hit hard. He went twenty yards and piled up. Upon dressing him i found that it was a dead center heart shot. PERFECT. What a day. i got my dad and my new found friend and we all celebrated together.
My first buck - so exciting. Small racK but still a 7 pointer. he was a year and a half and the butcher said he had amazing genetics so i had thoughts that i shouldof let him go and grow into a monster but it was my first buck and it just seemed like the perfect day to take him you know with my dad being there and all. With those genetics I cant wait to get out there and find his grandfather.
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