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Default RE: Official Team Perfect 10 Thread (32)

well guys i put my first deer of the year on the ground yesterday night. last night was the first time that i was able to get out since the oct 1st opener as well. i got in the stand about 2:30. it started to lightly rain and then started to hail. i decided to sit it out and see what happend. it only hailed for about 10 minutes and then it calmed right down which was good and it got really cold. about a half hour before sunset i heard a deer coming down the draw to my left, and i saw her coming down the trail 75 yards away. and she stepped into the open and i stopped for a perfect 28 yard broadside shot. the broadhead caught her above the heart and opened up the lungs and top of the heart. she double kicked and ran 40 yards before falling over. i don't have any pictures as i forgot to take them last night, and this morning i skinned it right away because its about 80 here today. but it feels good to put meat in the freezer again!
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