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Default RE: any hunting stories??

Man I think you asked for it. LOL

Seriously. I think thats one thing I love about the internet and this and a couple other hunting sites I belong lack of hunting stories. I love them and my family gets tired of hearing them.

Ok so here goes.

I decided last year to get up opening day of gun season. I normaly bowhunt but hadn't had one deer in bow range yet. So I grabed my shotgun and out the door I went in the dark. I imedeatly noticed I'd screwed up. It was raining, and pretty steady. I was skipping out on work for the morning and if I didn't go hunting I had to go to work. No question. I was going to sit in the rain.
I headed out and it took forever to get light. When it did everything was wet and nothing was moving. I didn't even see a bird. At 8:15 I decided I'd had enough and I'd only stay 15 more minutes. As I sat there deciding if I should walk out through a brushy area in front of me, I see movement to my left. Three deer moving fast. The first runs out in front of me and stops and the other two split off and run straight toward the back of the property. I just got a glimps of these two. So my binos are soaked. As I check the doe with my shotgun scopeout at 50 yards, wondering if I want to shoot a doe, I think maybe one of those two that ran toward the back of the property might be a buck. I look to my left and standing broadside at 80 yards pretty as can be is a big buck. It didn't take me long to get on him and I pulled the trigger. He dropped in his tracks. Unfortunatly I had broken his back and ended up walking up on him to finish him off.
He's my biggest so far. Scored 153.

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