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Default RE: Calling all food-plot specialists... need help!

I do agree with the earlier post that suggested checking your soil PH and mineral levels but if you are going to plant a plot this year there are some combinations of seeds that should work great (definately take samples this fall so that you can lime and fertilize in time to have your soil conditions right for next year). Depending on how many plots you will have you can try some different combinations to see what grows the best and most important what the deer eat the best at certain times of the year. I would suggest a combination of dwarf essex rape and wheat and/or oats as a base seed blend that will work good within 3 - 4 weeks of planting through the end of the season (this is also a very cost effective blend that you can mix yourself).It seems that anytimeI have planted this combination it has workedvery well - approximately 40# - 50#of wheat/oatsmixed with approximately 4# - 5# of rapeseed per acre. You can modify thisas you likebut thiswill provide a good food plot for this fall. Another couple of good food plot seeds depending on your goalsare Austrian Winter Peas and clovers. You can mix the peas with oats to have an immediate attractant with the peas and the oats will provide food after the peas are gone (provided that the deer eat the peas like they usually do). Any of these seeds should do well in the area of the country that you will be planting in and definately don't be afraid to mix up these blends a little to see what works best for you.
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