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Default RE: If not Powerbelts or Sabots... then what?

Man, the more you guys talk about performance problems with the Powerbelts the more I' m thinking of sticking with my 385gr Maxi' s. I have a hard time finding bullets that will load in my Renegade, and the Powerbelt and my Maxi' s from a mold are by far the best loading rounds I' ve found. I' ve got probably 3 or 4 different boxes of conicals in my garage that have only 2 or 3 bullets missing because they wouldn' t load right, even lubed. I definitely don' t want to buy 50 bullets that might not even load into my barrel. Maybe I' ll work on my Triple 7 loads with both Maxi' s and Powerbelts, and see what shoots the best. I' d sure like a good blood trail on an elk, but I think either bullet will do the job on deer. Elk tend to hit the nastiest draws when they are wounded, and you can' t rely on following tracks if you shoot one out of a herd. And they can cover ground pretty quick.
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