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Default RE: Remington Cor-Loct vs. Hornady SST

I don't hunt pigs but have heard people say they require more then a whitetail in terms of bullet due to body structure and shoulders coming more into play. If such is the case and your shots are on the closer side of things meaning mid 100's down the SST isn't really of any benefit to the situation. It is a rapid expansion bullet that is really designed for longer range, hornady's version of a Nosler Ballistic Tip. While it will work - at higher velocity impacts, especially on a shoulder its expansion can be violent which results in bigger holes and may lead to loss in penetration. If your wanting a comparable bullet to the corelokt by hornady I suggest you try the Interlock SP instead. My experience with them has been positive, taking deer, bear and moose with the bullet in several calibers. Another option if you want a polymer bullet is the Hornady Interbond or Nosler Accubond (loaded by federal and winchester), bonded cores allow this bullet to be a better choice for the close to longer range hunters. Used both of these as well for deer and up, never a problem.

I used corelokt when I wasstarting outworked on deer and a moose buthaven't since I started reloading in my teens.

Research the bullets design, pick the ones that meet the taskand then let your rifle deciede which one to shoot.

Best of Luck
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