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I still do shoot at there walk in course, as a matter of fact i was just down there about an hour ago. I haven't really everhunted any of the woods around here... You have any luck?
I sure have.......check to see what crops are planted in the fields behind the newspaper company. The inside corner down opposite the main ATV trail that runs beside it was always a good spot if there was corn in that field. The woods around it were always a thick tangle of briars and vines and held a lot of deer.

If you take the small road to the right on the hill down to the newspaper company and park at the end you can walk straight back to this area.........or just walk up the trail off first base at the softball field and follow it up to the top and then hang a right.
You can't miss the field.
Its the only crops around so the deer tend to flock to them. If they pick the first outside rows during the season it can be really productive.
Some good bucks back there too.

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