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Default RE: Calling all food-plot specialists... need help!


Not sure about pH levels, but this is prime Illinois farmland backing up to a river bottom... crop rotation has been beans and corn for years, and the landowner employs no-till farming. Very fertile ground.
Get a PH test kit. $10-$30 you can get a battery operated kit. Push it into the soil and bam, you've got a reading for PH.

Each crop you're looking for will have different PH requirements. Based off of his soil you can make decisions from there. If you want to go with as is then you just find the seed that will grow best there. If you want to do it right, alter the PH to get your desired plot. There are numerous places and products to get these days. Aside from many articles andbooks, you could look here:



Not sure of all the info on the sitesthese days, but when we started them a few years ago this was our starting ground. The management minutes from way back when on Tecomate were a great read.

Chosing the right crop is based off what you want. Do you want nutrition, attraction, tonage, etc. Alsowhen do you want the food available. Different times of the year require very different diets. To put it simple, carbs/sugar in winter and protein everywhere else. Salt content is also I've been trying to read up on more lately. Short on time right now to read it all...

They have great alfalfa mixes with decent protein levels and tonage producing, which are the most popular. We've never done it due to no time and our own restriction, but turnips are a super attractant in the winter time. They grow underground and deer will dig for them!

Do as much research as you can. Read as much as you can. Then make an educated decision. Best tip I could give you is be patient. They're not kiddingwhen they say year one is the hardest on the crop. Good luck.
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