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Default Credit where it's due (NAP)

I tell you what, I was JUST ABOUT ready to chance heads and go to fixed blade Magnus Stinger, which I do have, and going to test, when I shot a deer I posted in another post a few days ago. Prior to that, I had switched from a 4" feather to a Blazer and wanted to actually test the head itsself on the arrow with the Blazers. In doing so, after shooting "The Block" 2 times with each head, I broke a couple of blades? Hmmmmm... Well ok, maybe I SHOULDNT have shot the target, but I did, and I have to replace the blades. Ok, no problem, just $20 . Well one screw WILL NOT come out. No way no how. Ended up losing that head because the screw head that holds the blade rounded out on me. Never had this trouble with spitfires before? So I called tech support at NAP. Got in touch with Karl there who was very interested in the problem. He asked that if I had them, send them to him and he would send me replacement blades, practice blades and possibly some new heads. If I did NOT have them...give him my address and he would replace them anyway. I love this product for its simplicity, effectiveness and accuracy. I just worry about penetration sometimes on that mishap of a shot. If nothing else. I will shoot them until I run out of blades or something bad happens that I can blame soley on the broadhead and not myself or my shot.

I am not endorsed in any way, shape, or form by NAP. I dont get support financially or anything else from these guys, as I have only two bow kills to my name. I just like to give credit where credit is due when a company stands behind their product.
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