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Default RE: Dropping to lighter limbs?

I prefer the lower draw weights.

It helps me draw smoothly and slowly if I have to do it while a deer is in range. I don't hold more than a second or two unless the deer looks at me or stops where I don't have a shot. Learned to snapshoot on a bare longbow and recurve, so I've carried over that style to my sighted compound.

I don't need the fastest-shooting/super-flat/ultra-mag bow setup.
Where I hunt, I can't even SEE anything past about 35 yards.

I shoot an 8 year old PSE single cam at about 220fps with heavy arrows.
Blows right through 2 sets of ribs, and has had enough energy to take one down with an unitentionalspine hit.

Not the latest or greatest, but it works if you're not trying to pick off tiny deer at 80 yards.
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