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Default 12 week Old Fox Red Lab

Well, I'm a proud owner of a 12 week old fox red lab retriever. He seems to be a quick learner. He's been house broken for a couple of weeks now and sits, shakes, stays, heels, etc. I want to work with him on bird hunting, primarily pheasant. I've picked up the puppy pheasant training kit at Gander that comes w/ the scent, dummy, and whistle. I was wondering if anyone would recommend a good DVD/book out there to help me train him or any other sources of info (Any advice is appreciated!). THis is my first go around w/ training a dog, let alone owning a dog. Gunnar is a pure bred lab retriever and comes from excellent genetics. His father and mother have excellend in pheasant hunting and retrieving along w/ their predecassors. I'm very excited to work with him and will be extremely committed to any program. I've read a little bit about the force fetching, but would like more info on that process along w/ any other successful training methods. Thanks for your help!

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