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Default Dropping to lighter limbs?

Hey all -

Before I post what I am going ot post let me send a disclaimer. I realize 70-80lbs limbs are probably too much and yes I had to learn the hard way.

Ok so I have 80lbs limbs on my Hoyt Vulcan...why because I am short (5'3") and would love to have a little bit faster bow. Mission accomplished with the 80lbs limbs but now I am having some target panic issues I have been dealing with and I know the 80lbs limbs are not helping. I do have them set at 73lbs but still this is not helping. I say having too much weight on my bow is adding to target panic because when I shoot my wife's Hoyt Rintec with 40-50lbs limbs I can hold on target all day long and release when I wantto. So now my question to all of you bow techie gurus is what would you expect my bow speed to drop to with say 60-70 lbs limbs? I am currently shooting 285fps with a 27" arrow 26" DL vapor trail strings/cables and one libsaver dampener on my string and a tubless peep. I know I said I have learned my lesson and speed is not everything but I also don't want ot compromise too much speed because where I live (AZ) we hunt Elk ( which i am currently doing this week for a cow) and mulies at 60 yards so the flater shooting the bow is the better it is for me but I do realize I must compromise. Any suggestions?
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