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Default Finally....my search for land to hunt pays off!

A few years ago, I graduated college and moved to a new part of Wisconsin. Since then, I've been searching for a place to hunt in the area. I was lucky growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, because there were literally thousands and thousands of acres of public land close by that was rarely hunted outside of gun season.

But, when I moved to the Fox Valley area, I realized the area was nearly all private. I tried the public grounds, but it was crowded and overrun. This spring, I cranked up my search and knocked on doors, talked to folks, put ads on Craigslist, and tried other things in effort to get access to private land. Door to door was ok...people were extremely nice to talk to, and very appreviative that I talked to them, but all the land was either hunted by the family or rented out. I found Craigslist to be productive...but I wasn't willing to spend the $$ needed to secure a nice spot. In the mean time, I was able to travel back up north to hunt on some weekends. Occasionally I hunted with my neighbor on his land, which was great. But, I still continued to look for land that I could hunt on my own.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, after seemingly ready to give up the effort, it paid off! I finally connected with a person willing to let me bow hunt their farmland in exchange for one day of work on a project! What a freakin deal! Tonight I went over, introduced myself and got somewhat of a tour of the land. It was awesome...over a section of land and only a few other bow hunters. Needless to say, I am very fired up to now have land that I can hunt on my time during the weekdays and weekends that is within 30 mins of my house. Just thought I would share my story, because I know others have been or are in this position. Bottom line....keep looking, because it will pay off!
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