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Cabelas wanted $499 for a stoeger 2000 in camo. They had a USED one on the shelf, looked very ROUGH. paint was almost gone on the one side, had some rust, and very dirty. They wanted $449 for it. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??? I went to another smaller gun shop in my area and got the stoeger 2000 BRAND NEW, WITH a extra pistol grip stock in matching camo for $339. Cabelas has SOME good deals, but you need to look around. I then got a sling for my gun at cabelas for $30. Went to wal-mart and they had the same thing for $12.99. That p'ed me off a bit.

Then they had a rod/reel combo on sale for $24.99 and that was CHEAP!! Everywhere else i looked the reel alone was $40. And came with one of these $40 IM6 rods. Cant beat that for $25. I got all of them they had left. They had 4. I think it was a quantum. For the price is was a awesome reel/rod combo. I have used them alot in the past few months too and they work great.

Hamburg, PA store
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