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Default RE: Why I dont like cabelas.

Trust me on this one guys. The smartest small gun shop will move next door to Walmart if he can afford the rent. There is no better draw of consumers in the world than Walmart. A smart dealer will never try to compete with Walmart. A smart dealer will supplement Walmart. A smart dealer will not stock and sell what walmart stocks,a small dealer shoud stock what Walmart does not sell.

A small dealer has the advantage of being flexible. He can pick and chose his inventory. Walmart can not pick and choose their inventory(on a daily basis).

A small dealer has the abiity to deliver customer service. Walmart can not provide the expertise that a lot of customers are looking. for. Walmart can not provide the services that are necessary. Who do you think came up with the rifle that was already rigged with a combo scope?? Walmart did!! Because their employees could not properly mount a scope.

No one can compete with Walmart on Remington and Winchester ammo. So a smart dealer should handle Federal Premium, Hornady, or Black Hills(or something else) ammo. OR stock only the cartridges that Walmart does not stock. And promote the ammo as custom ammo. And it is!!

As for Cabela's---their prices are high. Or at least the WV store prices are high. We have a small local reloading shop that is cheaper than Cabela's. And he normally has what you want. The last time I went to Cabela's I wanted 7 reloading items. They had 3 in stock. I went to the local guy and he had the rest.

Cabela's is a great sight seeing tour. And occasionally they have some good deals. Their major advantage is being able to handle what you want before you buy it, but there are ways around that. Tom.
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