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Cabelas doesn't put anyone out of business,the customers do.I live in a city of 100,000 people that does not have a single hunting or fishing store.The reason is that people would buy their ammunition and guns at Walmart to save a few dollars.If you want a specialty store,you have to be prepared to spend a little more to support it.The people that won't do this are the problem.

Same here. Walmart managed to put out every gun store with the exception of one guywho held on. Walmart finally stopped selling guns and only sells ammo now and the guy that is in sporting goods sells Walmart is pulling up all gun and ammo sales in January. I would like to verify that but don't know why he would even say something like that. The one gun store that held on is doing fabulously btw. His best year was last year and he is ahead of it already this year. His prices on used and new guns is more then competitive.
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