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Default RE: Shooting from tree

I'm not sure I interpretted your post correctly, but I certainly agree about the use of gadgets these days. We have let ourselves become so reliant on technical gadgets that we don't know how to use common sense or practice what we want to do till we know it inside and out.

I know about the hypotenuse of a triangle and that stuff, but just can't figure out, for the life of me, how so many think there is so much difference in distance after climbing up a tree. And the use of rangefinders (technical gadgets) for short range stuff like eastern hardwoods hunting. For instance, if you are 20' up a tree and a deer is 20 yards away a range finder used on the angle might say 21 yards. Do you really know anybody using hunting gear and pin sights that make a mental adjustment for 1 yard? YES,, give me a break!!! I don't even do this for 3D. Heck, even if you're off by 5 yards with your brain the difference in POI is only about 2", maximum. Still well within the kill zone with no reason to hold high or low.

Just draw the bow as on level ground, bend at the waist to aim, and execute a good shot. It doesn't really get much simpler than that.

So I guess we're both on the same page.
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