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I think its funny these new Nikon Archer's Choice type yardage systems. They claim that they give you the TRUE reading based on angle and blah blah. Using pythagorean theorem go ahead and try out a few distances. Just for sake of arguement lets say one of you crazy fella's goes 30 feet (10 yards) up the tree, and you are a killer shot so you take a shot at a deer at 70 yards. (70 yards from base of tree to deer on level ground) Using the pythagorean theorem we can see that since you are up 30 feet (10 yards) that the true distance to the deer is 70.71 yards. OH NO. You're telling me that a normal rangefinder will be off by .71 yards (or 2 feet and 1.5 inches) How will I ever make the shot. Give me a break.

In a bow hunters setting all you need to realize is WHERE to shoot the deer.. If you shoot the deer in the same spot as you would shoot a deer from on level ground and broadside when you are in a tree and quartering away, then yes that arrow will not hit the right spot. But if you AIM FOR YOUR EXIT HOLE to strike through the heart and chest, you will be just fine.

If any of this is wrong with the archers choice and compesnsation for angles blah dee blah, please let me know. To me it just seems like the new gadgets they try to come out with are just a gimmick to get people who arent great at physics and whatever type of knowledge and therefor take advantage of us as paying customers. It's like we are supposed to TRUST that the product they put out is an upgrade when it actually doesn't do crap.
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