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Default RE: Team 16 Thread.

I guess I could officially introduce myself. I'm Nathan Paden and I live just outside of Lubbock, Texas. Last year I deer hunted in Montana and Texas and shot a 145" Mule Deer in Montana and a 100" Whitetail in Texas. I'm 40 years old and hunted growing up in Montana but just got back into it last year.

I've got a place in Fisher county that is only 160 acres but it seems to have good potential. I shot the 100"er last year by mistake as he came in right at the end of legal shooting light and I mistook him for an older buck. He was 2 1/2 based on looking at his jaw.

My hit list this year is as follows:

Double Wide:

Stickers: (He had a great sticker growing but it broke off!)

And last on the list - Split G2:

That's the bucks from this summer in the preference order on which one I would like to shoot first. Double wide won't score as high as stickers would, but he is a very old buck and is actually going downhill from last year.

Here's a picture of him before he dropped his antlers this winter:

I would be happy with any of those bucks though and I would have a hard time passing on any of them if I saw them on opening day.

I'm going down to the hunting property today and will hopefully get some updated pictures of them as they should be done growing and starting to shed velvet soon.

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